Thinking outside the box with Out-of-home Advertising

Out of home advertising is the general term covering all advertising that is typically encountered outside the home, as opposed to press, online and television advertising which may be encountered outside of the home but are usually assumed to be inside. While billboards are the typical and most common example of out of home advertising, it encompasses many different forms and media. Ambient advertising is a subtype of out of home advertising, which is growing in popularity. Ambient advertising involves juxtaposing the advertising message alongside other items in the general environment. Fo[...]

Radio Advertising: A short history

Radio advertising has a long history.  WEAF is the New York radio station that is credited with broadcasting the first ever paid radio commercial, on 28 August 1922, for apartments in a building in Jackson Heights, Queens.  However, it is possible that other US radio stations may have sold advertising airtime to advertisers a couple of years before WEAF in an effort to finance the increasingly expensive business of running a continuously broadcasting radio station. Long before the term “media campaign” was even invented, companies were looking to advertise their business (advertise, inciden[...]

Press Advertising: Still a relevant form of advertising

Press advertising is one of the most effective advertising methods available, and is a long established advertising medium. It allows for highly effective targeted campaigns by choosing publications of interest to the target demographic, and has a wide range of options for the size of readership, from specialist publications with only a few hundred readers to national publications available in newsagents. The key to a good press advertising campaign is understanding both the demographic of your customers and of the publications readership. A national mum and baby magazine may have a very la[...]

Is On Demand TV Killing TV Advertising?

Sometime in the late 1990s, the responsibility for the negotiation and purchase of advertising time and space, or media buying, was “unbundled” from the advertising agency, and placed in the hands of specific media investment management companies.  These media buyers plan advertising investments and, by building strong relationships with media owners, are able to negotiate the price and placement to ensure the best possible value is achieved for an advertisement, and that advertising campaigns are exposed to the right target audience in the most effective place possible. It all sounds pretty s[...]

What's the Big Idea? Examples of effective billboard advertising

Mark Twain once observed, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”. One need only turn to the trusty internet to find examples of where the right advertising has made a dramatic impact on mass consumerism. In a world of technology where advertising banners adorn the web pages we frequent, there is still surprisingly a place for the impact of billboard or outdoor advertising. Indeed if anything, advances in technology have made this advertising medium of the previous century, well and truly a thing of the 21st century. Take the billboard advertising for Kill [...]

Promoting Your Business: Local Newspaper Advertising

There are so many ways of getting the word out about your business; it is difficult to know what to do for the best.  The internet has made us all aware of the options available to us and every day we are bombarded with emails asking us to sign up for this offer and that offer.  Newspaper advertising is just one way of promoting your business and can be very cost effective, especially for local tradespersons. Large multinationals also choose this method of advertising as they often have big budgets and can afford to spend thousands of pounds.  The local press, though, has undergone somewhat of[...]

What is Ambient Media?

The field of ambient media can be quite difficult to pin-point. The term can be traced back to the British Media back in 1999, yet now it is used worldwide. Ambient media roughly refers to any form of media or advertising which is seen as ‘alternative’ and its popularity has continued to grow in recent years. At Buy Now Media we specialise in the following locations/forms of ambient media: Washroom Tickets Sampling Postcard Point of Sale Payslip Bags Did you know that on average women spend 105 seconds in the washroom and men 55? During this time you have a captive audien[...]

The Different Forms of Outdoor Media

According to recent research the UK's run of rain-drenched summers could be ended by a slow-down in major Atlantic currents which bring warm, wet air to Europe. This could mean that we could say goodbye to wet, soggy summers and hello to weather similar to that of years past. With a rise in warm weather you will probably see more people enjoying the great outdoors, but have you got advertising coverage to take advantage of this? Outdoor media is a great way of getting out your message or increasing brand awareness. At Buy Now Media we focus on the following forms of outdoor media, all of wh[...]

Planning Outdoor Media Campaigns

When it comes to deciding the best form of advertising for your company or business the first aspects you have to consider are; what message are you trying to put across, who are you trying to get your message too, and what is your media budget? Once you have decided the answer to these questions you can start contemplating which form of media you should use as your advertising base. Choosing a form of media also depends on how long you want your campaign to run for. What do you want to say and how long do you want to say it for? If you have a lot of information don’t try and fit it into a [...]

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is everywhere and provides continuous advertising messages to consumers who are on the go. With people spending less time at home there has been a reduction in the amount of time people are being exposed to the more traditional media methods of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines and a distinct shift instead towards the use of outdoor media. There are numerous benefits to using Outdoor Advertising methods to convey your message to your target market. One of the key benefits is the ability in which it enables you to build your brand. Out of home advertising not only ge[...]