The Different Forms of Outdoor Media

According to recent research the UK’s run of rain-drenched summers could be ended by a slow-down in major Atlantic currents which bring warm, wet air to Europe. This could mean that we could say goodbye to wet, soggy summers and hello to weather similar to that of years past. With a rise in warm weather you will probably see more people enjoying the great outdoors, but have you got advertising coverage to take advantage of this?

Outdoor media is a great way of getting out your message or increasing brand awareness. At Buy Now Media we focus on the following forms of outdoor media, all of which have their own benefit and reach:

  • Taxis
  • Tube/Rail/Train
  • Street
  • Bus
  • Billboard


Taxis have the benefit of being able to reach areas where other forms of traffic are banned, areas such as airports, hotels and festivals. They have a duel level of advertising, promoting your message or brand to both motorists and pedestrians as well as keeping your message visible in locations such as taxi ranks. On average taxis can reach up to 30 million consumers in major cities with up to 89% of people agreeing that branded taxis stood out and were easy to spot on the street.

Taxis also offer the opportunity to advertise in a personal and calm area within the vehicle, making the most of a captive audience. You can also take advantage of the large amount of adults with smartphones that regularly use taxis by including interactive elements to your interior taxi adds.


500,000 people commute to London by train every day, meaning that 76% of total journeys are made by commuters, this gives you a great opportunity to use outdoor media to target a specific audience, with this number said to increase once again. On top of this research has shown that the majority of people that travel by these means of transport are busy, light television viewers with high disposable income, making them an ideal candidate for captive advertising.

Rail users also tend to have a high dwell time, during which they could be absorbing your message, with the average wait time on a platform being 7 minutes or more. You can also advertise inside the trains, giving local businesses a chance to target regular commuters.


Street advertising is a highly visible advertising medium that can help you to drive your brand into the minds of consumers during their day to day life subliminally. It is most affective when located in city centres with high flow traffic in order to reach a mass audience or be used to target specific audiences around key locations. There are two main types of street advertising that we offer: Street Art and advertising on bus shelters and street polls. Street Art can be used to promote your brand in an exciting and engaging way where Street Furniture is designed to provide high frequency repetitive branding to help you achieve widespread exposure for your brand.


Outdoor media advertising on buses is effective just because they are so large, they are pretty much moving billboards. An estimated 5.2 billion passengers use the bus system each year, with their mobility they can take your message from a city centre all the way to the suburbs. Research has shown that buses are the most visible vehicle on the road with 86% on consumers able to recall a bus add that they have seen. Buses are also a good option if you want to encourage ‘impulse’ buying as they are often seen alongside retail shops and offer an unobstructed view. Adverts can be placed in various locations including the sides and the rear however should you wish to maximise impact why not opt for an entire bus wrap.


Probably one of the most established forms of outdoor media, billboard advertising can be colourful and creative. They are designed to be able to catch a person’s attention quickly, leaving them with a lasting impression once they have passed. They enable messages to be delivered both continuously and frequently to an audience that is both large and diverse and can be used effectively to launch new products and services, increase brand awareness and advertise forthcoming events.