What is Ambient Media?

The field of ambient media can be quite difficult to pin-point. The term can be traced back to the British Media back in 1999, yet now it is used worldwide. Ambient media roughly refers to any form of media or advertising which is seen as ‘alternative’ and its popularity has continued to grow in recent years.

At Buy Now Media we specialise in the following locations/forms of ambient media:

  • Washroom
  • Tickets
  • Sampling
  • Postcard
  • Point of Sale
  • Payslip
  • Bags

Did you know that on average women spend 105 seconds in the washroom and men 55? During this time you have a captive audience who, due to little else to do, have nothing else to do but read your advertisements. The most popular location for washroom advertisements is on the back of cubicle doors, alongside mirrors and above hand dryers. It also makes it possible to advertise in a public place yet direct your message to a specific gender, something that is unique among social places.

If you choose to advertise on tickets then, once again, you are choosing to target a very specific audience. Ticket advertising is a high impact cost effective medium of ambient media which has the effect of putting your company or message directly in the hands of the consumer. You can choose which type of advert you want to run; you can have a redemption voucher or a special offer, announce the launch of a new product or promote brand awareness as a whole!

If you want immediate interaction with the consumer then you do not have to look much further then Sampling. Though one of the most expensive options, research has shown that it is the most popular way target audiences like to receive a brand message.

If you are already running a magazine or newspaper media campaign then it may be in your best interest to also use Postcard advertisement to further cement your company message.  Postcards are a relatively cheap add on with a large impact, the message is right in front of your target audience without them having to put any effort into opening and flicking through pages of text.

Point of Sale (or point of purchase) advertising is a direct form of advertisement that is placed next to tills. It can be used to draw attention to new products or brands as well as any special offer you may be wishing to promote. It is both a reminder to existing customers and an influence on potential new consumers. It can come it many different forms such as wall posters, counter stands, leaflet dispensers and banners.

For another form of very specifically targeted ambient media is the advertisement space on Payslips. Employees read their payslips each month and, in doing so, could be reading your advertisement too. Your message would also be read at the same time money would be going in your targeted audiences bank accounts, allowing you to further influence them with special offers.

Bags offers a great alternative to other forms of merchandise, as they not only target the person holding the bag but the people who also see the bag.  Bags are available in all different shapes, sizes and colours and can be easily customised with your brand name, website address and contact details!

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