Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is everywhere and provides continuous advertising messages to consumers who are on the go. With people spending less time at home there has been a reduction in the amount of time people are being exposed to the more traditional media methods of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines and a distinct shift instead towards the use of outdoor media.

There are numerous benefits to using Outdoor Advertising methods to convey your message to your target market.

One of the key benefits is the ability in which it enables you to build your brand. Out of home advertising not only generates instant awareness of your brand but can elevate both the perception and its credibility overall. It also ensures that brand awareness levels continually strengthen over time.

One of the main reasons why Outdoor Advertising is so effective is that it tends to be very eye catching thus demanding instant attention from both new and existing consumers.

There are many different types of outdoor media solutions available to choose from however the one thing that they all have in common is that they operate as stand alone formats and don’t have to complete with other advertisements in the way that some other advertising channels do.

Billboard advertising is one of the most established methods of advertising and remains a popular choice. Billboards are typically located in high traffic areas and their sheer size is used to catch a person’s attention quickly in order to leave them with them a lasting impression once they have passed. Street advertising also works in the same way. It comes in two main forms. Street Art such as Graffiti Advertising can be used to promote your products and services in an exciting and engaging way whereas the use of street furniture such as bus shelter panels can be used to provide high frequency repetitive branding.

Other popular Outdoor Advertising methods include the utilisation of transportation to deliver your message. Using Taxis, buses, tubes and trains are just some of the available options.

Taxi advertising is one of the most cost effective solutions due to the fact that they spend more than 90% of their time in town and city centres thus allowing your brand to reach a mass audience on a daily basis. The same applies to bus advertising. They are constantly in operation and whether you are travelling on the bus or simply passing one the eye catching adverts are hard to miss.

With regards tube and rail advertising you also have the added flexibility of being able to place your adverts in the stations themselves as well as on the actual vehicles. Tube and rail advertising also comes with the added advantage of being able to reach an audience that are otherwise hard to reach at a time when they are most receptive. Research has shown that people who use the train and tube to travel to work are busy people who are light television users with high levels of disposable income.