Despite technological advances print advertising continues to be a more trusted advertising medium than many others with seven in ten people stating that advertising in magazines features as most important in supporting their purchase decisions. As the customer is not going to be using the goods or services themselves but purchasing them on behalf of someone else they are less likely to be persuaded to purchase something based purely on the visual appearance of the advertisement. Instead they will be looking at how the product or service meets the needs of the end user and whether or not it is[...]


Magazine advertising enables you to target a very specific audience and it is imperative that you are clear regarding who are your potential consumers. Magazines tend to have a loyal reader following and are often purchased by the same people on a regular basis. They view them as trusted friends and often keep and refer to them. With the majority of people who buy a magazine tending to flip through every page the chance of your advertisement being seen is high however you need to find a way to get the reader to stop and read the words. As the consumer tends to be the person who will be using t[...]

Business to Business

Print advertising is an excellent way to generate sales leads for your sales people. If business to business sales lead generation is what you are looking for you need to ensure that your advert focuses on the benefits and applications of your products and services. It should be easy to skim read but still successfully deliver your message. You should choose your words carefully and talking in first person will help to place emphasis on the readers needs. You will also need to be proactive in asking for the order and give them reason to inquire right away. Finally your advert should make it ea[...]