Ambient Media and Sports

Traditional media has been a very popular tool in entertainment for a long time. Ambient media is only now gaining ground. We rely on traditional media like the radio and more importantly, the television to bring us the entertainment that we want and the information that we need. A lot of people still watch television everyday. People still have favorite television shows which they follow religiously. However, some people have found ways to minimize the advertisements. Technology has provided them with tools that would allow them to cut down the advertisements that they will see. This therefor[...]

If You Buy Radio Space Beware of Changing Channels

Why buy radio space? Surely a picture says a thousand words? Surely every picture tells a story? Well those clich├ęs are true but the auditory channel into the mind of your customers is one of three channels probably even more effective than the visual channel alone. Of course when you buy radio space your focusing on the auditory channel but words and music create pictures in the mind as well as evoking emotion (the third mind channel). Look at the following story and be aware that it is visually guided thinking but also hear your inner voice. A young woman purchases her dream car, a new BM[...]