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Reaching your target audience on the Radio

Everyone is always searching for the perfect formula for the most effective media campaign, but it is not that simple. Each form of media has benefits and negatives and not all forms might be suited to your product or company. Different forms of media are more effective at particular times of the year so you should always be sure to do your research before running your campaign. It is also important to keep your target audience in mind, what do they do and what are their interests? A type of campaign that is always popular is to use radio advertising, you can choose specific stations to hel[...]

Media Planning and Buying: The Key to Success

Getting your promotional channels is an important part of your business. Good media planning and buying is the life blood of the success and profitability of your organisation. There are so many different ways of getting the message out it is sometimes difficult to choose which is best for you. Much will depend on your budget as to which media planning and buying options you choose. You will need to first decide on your market. Does your business operate locally, or is it a multinational company with potentially a much bigger client base. Advertising on the TV is notoriously expensive though h[...]

Ambient Media - Three Creative Ways to Advertise

Advertising communicates with potential consumers by trying to persuade or entice them to purchase or consume a particular product, service or brand. All primary mediums are used to convey the advertising messages such as, newspaper, radio, television, magazine, billboards, cinema and Internet. Ambient media refers to any non-traditional out-of-home media specifically designed to reach consumers when they are most susceptible to influence…close to the point of purchase. The term ambient media materialized around 1999 in the British media and has been an accepted in the advertising industry [...]

When to buy TV ad space

Many marketing experts consider the buying of TV ad space a necessity in any advertising campaign, but research has shown that this may not be the case. The need to buy TV ad space is certainly there for many businesses, but for others it may not be the best way of getting the relevant message across. The question of whether or not to buy TV ad space is an age old one with many different answers, so let’s have a look at the advantages of the media, and some instances where it may not be the right way forward. The benefits of TV ad space The popularity of television is enough to render[...]

How Can Media Buying Can Affect Your Promotional Campaign?

Media buying is considered as an important process for an individual or group in communicating to its audience. Media buying affects the way an individual or entity communicates with its market. The effectiveness of a communication or promotional campaign of any entity is hinged on how the group or individual plans and manages their advertising on media. For any promotional campaign to produce the desired results, it must be effectively coursed through the relevant forms of media. Even well-conceptualized and planned promotional campaigns won't be able to communicate its message well to its[...]

Media Buying – The Research

Media buying is an activity that requires a fair amount of research, hard work and planning before execution in the real time. Before buying media you should have clear knowledge of your target audience, consumer patterns, consumer behavior, the type of media you need to choose, along with other costs associated with media buying. Nowadays you may come across numerous media sales representatives, but just like other sales reps they can be very persuasive as they are there to generate business for them as well as their company. So instead of falling trap in their sales gimmicks, you should u[...]