Media Buying – The Research

Media buying is an activity that requires a fair amount of research, hard work and planning before execution in the real time. Before buying media you should have clear knowledge of your target audience, consumer patterns, consumer behavior, the type of media you need to choose, along with other costs associated with media buying.

Nowadays you may come across numerous media sales representatives, but just like other sales reps they can be very persuasive as they are there to generate business for them as well as their company. So instead of falling trap in their sales gimmicks, you should use your mind and experience depending upon your exact needs, wants and requirements. Though, they may offer to serve you as media advisors but remember this is their business and they are getting paid for it.

Once you come across any media reps or advisor you must have thorough knowledge about what exactly you need and why. Only then you should choose perfect package to cater to your need. Package that suits your needs and budget should be chosen instead of relying too much on their advice. Brainstorm with different departments in your company and then come to a decision like what media you need to choose and at what time and slot.

Nowadays you can get services from a media advisor at no additional cost, as they get commission on every sale they make. While you hire a media buyer, you must learn enough about the key buying criteria to be in control and make the purchase decisions based on the proposals along with your own decision and criteria, as nobody else than you can decide what suits you and why. As it’s you who is buying media only for your company, therefore it is practicable for you to learn enough about the key factors applicable to buy your own media.

While buying media, you should have fair amount of knowledge about the media and space along with the time factor, as these three important factors are crucial for any media buying activity. First of all you need to understand your target audience and then the knowledge of your market. After that you should attempt to reach as many people in that market as is possible, perhaps earlier than your competitors.

In any media buying activity for your company, your main objective or goal is to get the lowest cost-per-thousand for your target audience, at the same time by satisfying your other media buying requirements. If you can determine the demographics of your most lucrative customers, you may wish to advertise to them first. That’s done to reach to your target audience before your other competitors reach them. Remember type of media selection, like radio, TV, Internet etc. and time play a very important role in any media buying activity.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, you should also bear in your mind that your main objective or goal is to reach as much people (target audience) as possible. Therefore, you should try to reach the majority of viewers with adequate frequency to make a long lasting and perhaps permanent impression on them.

Lastly, in any media buying, we need to put much emphasis upon AIDA model. Here AIDA stands for awareness, interest, decision and action. Make sure, a prospect may need to see your ad several times just to become aware of your company and the services you offer. So you must feed him or her as much as possible but yet in a subtle manner because too much of everything is bad. In addition to that some other impressions may be necessary to create a long lasting interest. According to experts view your advertisement should reach ideally 100% of the audience with an average frequency of at least five times in any perfect media buying.