Reaching your target audience on the Radio

Everyone is always searching for the perfect formula for the most effective media campaign, but it is not that simple. Each form of media has benefits and negatives and not all forms might be suited to your product or company. Different forms of media are more effective at particular times of the year so you should always be sure to do your research before running your campaign. It is also important to keep your target audience in mind, what do they do and what are their interests?

A type of campaign that is always popular is to use radio advertising, you can choose specific stations to help target your brand or product to a particular group of people or local area. However, it has a wider reach than specialised magazines but a smaller reach than using mobile or digital screens. However, to avoid falling into the pitfalls of radio advertising you must make sure that your advert is both high quality and makes an impact on your target audience.

Here is a quick check list that you should try to keep in mind when composing your radio advert:

10. Production value and voiceover talent.
9. Distinctiveness of the offering.
8. Effective use of the interplay between emotion and logic.
7. Articulation.
6. Simplicity.
5. Use of sound elements to enhance the message.
4. Authenticity.
3. The offer.
2. The opening attention grabber.
1. Benefit orientation.

Keep in mind, no media campaign can be effective if they are not implemented probably. Be careful who you go to run your media campaign, it can be the difference between success or failure.  A budget can be a huge variable on a campaign, so finding an alternative way of adding to funds can be of big benefit.  A way to do this is to use media bartering to transform services and products into additional advertising budget. There are several companies out there who specialise in media bartering and we look after your campaign and help guide you to produce the best possible result.