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Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is everywhere and provides continuous advertising messages to consumers who are on the go. With people spending less time at home there has been a reduction in the amount of time people are being exposed to the more traditional media methods of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines and a distinct shift instead towards the use of outdoor media. There are numerous benefits to using Outdoor Advertising methods to convey your message to your target market. One of the key benefits is the ability in which it enables you to build your brand. Out of home advertising not only ge[...]

Ambient Media - Three Creative Ways to Advertise

Advertising communicates with potential consumers by trying to persuade or entice them to purchase or consume a particular product, service or brand. All primary mediums are used to convey the advertising messages such as, newspaper, radio, television, magazine, billboards, cinema and Internet. Ambient media refers to any non-traditional out-of-home media specifically designed to reach consumers when they are most susceptible to influence…close to the point of purchase. The term ambient media materialized around 1999 in the British media and has been an accepted in the advertising industry [...]

How Can Media Buying Can Affect Your Promotional Campaign?

Media buying is considered as an important process for an individual or group in communicating to its audience. Media buying affects the way an individual or entity communicates with its market. The effectiveness of a communication or promotional campaign of any entity is hinged on how the group or individual plans and manages their advertising on media. For any promotional campaign to produce the desired results, it must be effectively coursed through the relevant forms of media. Even well-conceptualized and planned promotional campaigns won't be able to communicate its message well to its[...]

Buy Radio Space

Why do you think people buy radio space? This is to enable them to try out different forms of advertising that are different from the other modes of traditional advertising. This form of advertising allows the advertiser to reach his particular target audience in a different and innovative manner. By buying radio space he can reach out to them throughout the day or night and in short capsules of time that capture their attention and move onto something else before his attention span has dipped. Radio space at the same time offers one affordable low costs when compared to other traditional p[...]

Media Buying – The Research

Media buying is an activity that requires a fair amount of research, hard work and planning before execution in the real time. Before buying media you should have clear knowledge of your target audience, consumer patterns, consumer behavior, the type of media you need to choose, along with other costs associated with media buying. Nowadays you may come across numerous media sales representatives, but just like other sales reps they can be very persuasive as they are there to generate business for them as well as their company. So instead of falling trap in their sales gimmicks, you should u[...]