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Reaching your target audience on the Radio

Everyone is always searching for the perfect formula for the most effective media campaign, but it is not that simple. Each form of media has benefits and negatives and not all forms might be suited to your product or company. Different forms of media are more effective at particular times of the year so you should always be sure to do your research before running your campaign. It is also important to keep your target audience in mind, what do they do and what are their interests? A type of campaign that is always popular is to use radio advertising, you can choose specific stations to hel[...]

Buy Radio Space

Why do you think people buy radio space? This is to enable them to try out different forms of advertising that are different from the other modes of traditional advertising. This form of advertising allows the advertiser to reach his particular target audience in a different and innovative manner. By buying radio space he can reach out to them throughout the day or night and in short capsules of time that capture their attention and move onto something else before his attention span has dipped. Radio space at the same time offers one affordable low costs when compared to other traditional p[...]

The Benefits of a Local Radio Ad

To many in the business the local radio ad is the poor cousin of the media world. It may be safe to say that people shy away from local radio ads as they are seen as old fashioned and out of date, but in truth there is more to a local radio ad than just a plug to a select few. Commercial radio is far from unpopular, and local radio is often the cornerstone of listeners choice; many local issues are taken up by local radio, and these stations tend to put across a more intelligent content than the mainstream channels. So what are the advantages of a local radio ad? Advertising is, of co[...]


Radio Advertising & Commercials Radio advertising is still a powerful form of advertising in it own right, even in the face of competition from other formats such as TV and the internet. Radio has in fact become more widely available thanks to DAB, internet access and mobile apps. Improved access to radio has in effect offered advertisers more scope to communicate with consumers. However, despite improved access, sorting premium slots from the chaff is now more essential than ever. This is where BuyNowMedia can help. Drawing upon our experience, expertise and knowledge of radio advertis[...]