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Thinking outside the box with Out-of-home Advertising

Out of home advertising is the general term covering all advertising that is typically encountered outside the home, as opposed to press, online and television advertising which may be encountered outside of the home but are usually assumed to be inside. While billboards are the typical and most common example of out of home advertising, it encompasses many different forms and media. Ambient advertising is a subtype of out of home advertising, which is growing in popularity. Ambient advertising involves juxtaposing the advertising message alongside other items in the general environment. Fo[...]

What is Ambient Media?

The field of ambient media can be quite difficult to pin-point. The term can be traced back to the British Media back in 1999, yet now it is used worldwide. Ambient media roughly refers to any form of media or advertising which is seen as ‘alternative’ and its popularity has continued to grow in recent years. At Buy Now Media we specialise in the following locations/forms of ambient media: Washroom Tickets Sampling Postcard Point of Sale Payslip Bags Did you know that on average women spend 105 seconds in the washroom and men 55? During this time you have a captive audien[...]

Ambient Media - Three Creative Ways to Advertise

Advertising communicates with potential consumers by trying to persuade or entice them to purchase or consume a particular product, service or brand. All primary mediums are used to convey the advertising messages such as, newspaper, radio, television, magazine, billboards, cinema and Internet. Ambient media refers to any non-traditional out-of-home media specifically designed to reach consumers when they are most susceptible to influence…close to the point of purchase. The term ambient media materialized around 1999 in the British media and has been an accepted in the advertising industry [...]

The Benefits of Ambient Advertising

It is a widely held misconception that ambient advertising is a modern phenomenon when, in fact, it has been with us since the first days of advertising. Ambient advertising is, to put it simply, a method of getting a point across using other than traditional methods, and as such is an age old method of making a point. A motorist, or pedestrian, in the early part of the 20th century would have seen many examples of ambient advertising, much as we do today: we see buses covered in billboard-style messages, whereas they would have seen handcarts and horse drawn drays with company names writte[...]