Ambient Media and Sports

Traditional media has been a very popular tool in entertainment for a long time. Ambient media is only now gaining ground. We rely on traditional media like the radio and more importantly, the television to bring us the entertainment that we want and the information that we need. A lot of people still watch television everyday. People still have favorite television shows which they follow religiously. However, some people have found ways to minimize the advertisements. Technology has provided them with tools that would allow them to cut down the advertisements that they will see. This therefore makes the commercials less visible to the public and less people are therefore able to see the commercials. This is why a lot of companies have become to think of ways to force feed their ads to the people. A lot of these can be seen in a lot of popular television shows where some products are shown at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds during the duration of the show.

In some sporting events, ambient media is used extensively. This is not only meant to be promoted to the people in the sporting event itself but in this prime example of traditional media and ambient media joining together, it is also meant to be seen by people watching at home. Probably the best example of this situation is in boxing events. In a lot of boxing matches these days, not only do people who promote the matches do advertising, the boxers do so themselves. In a lot of matches that can be seen these days, a lot of ads are printed on the shorts of the boxers. This is an excellent way of promoting your product as the people would undoubtedly be looking at the boxer themselves making the shorts and the ads very visible. Another ambient media usage by the boxers is by having temporary tattoos printed on their backs promoting some companies or websites. It used to be that this was a rare occurrence but lately practically all big-time boxers have been doing it. Again a lot of people would be able to see it and therefore it would be heavily promoted. Moreover, since this is a good example of traditional media joining hands with ambient media, the television cameras would also be focusing on these boxers and therefore on their advertisements as well. This just goes to show how ambient media can be used extensively and can even go through traditional media. Sporting events are abundant in ambient media. There are little advertisements at the bottom of the shoes of basketball players and sometimes even cut on their hair. This is actually big money for the players and participants as they are not normally the ones who are recipients of advertising money. This is why a lot of athletes have started to utilize it as much as possible. Ambient media has found a good home in sports and people are just too happy to accommodate it.