Auctioned Advertising Space Goes To the Winning Bidder

Auctioned advertising means selling advertising space to a higher bidder, the space that is being auctioned should be a very good spot in order to let the advertising company bid for the space. It is now used widely in many European countries where several bidders bid for the billboards for the purpose of their advertising. The better the advertising space is positioned, the higher it costs. Bidding is like just any other auction; however, the product that is being auctioned here is the advertising space as well as the ad itself.

Auctioned advertising can be in the billboard form and any other outdoor advertising spaces. Billboard spaces that are found in busy streets are auctioned to the person who wants to lease the billboard space for their advertising purposes. He must be the highest bidder. Mobile advertising spaces like city trains, buses and other public transportation vehicles are also now being auctioned for advertising. The cost of this kind of space always depends on advertising space that is being auctioned. The companies that want a high exposure of products are greatly encouraged to practice this because they can get the highest level of audience in this way.

Professional teams and athletes nowadays also use this type of advertising. Professional athletes are considered to be new walking advertising spaces. They carry the company name, products and services in the uniforms they wear in their local and international games. This is an advertising break for the companies they carry. Nowadays, the advertising space in their uniforms, home stadium or practice gyms are one of the best examples of this type of advertising.

The recent development in this advertising method also includes patients in hospitals. It has been reported that patients especially those with leukemia are now being used for this type of advertising to get money for medical expenses. The highest bidder can put their advertisement on the boy’s head. This may sound desperate but it’s okay for this boy to be used for auctioned advertising because he can gather funds for his medication through this way.

Auctioned advertising also has many advantages for big companies although it often costs higher than the usual price of an advertising space. However, companies benefit from this because in the long run, it will be providing them the best advertising spaces available. In the first place, this will not be auctioned if the advertising space is not in demand or prime. While this is very beneficial to big companies, small companies prefer the traditional way of advertising. This may not be the best space for advertising their product, but they can save more money compared to the new method of advertising.

While companies bid on in-demand advertising spaces for their products and services, auctioned advertising companies are now enjoying the success of this industry. To many companies, the position of their advertisement is everything. This is the main objective of the companies promoting this advertising method; to get the best space for advertising that will be auctioned to the companies who want to advertise their products and services.