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Press Advertising: Still a relevant form of advertising

Press advertising is one of the most effective advertising methods available, and is a long established advertising medium. It allows for highly effective targeted campaigns by choosing publications of interest to the target demographic, and has a wide range of options for the size of readership, from specialist publications with only a few hundred readers to national publications available in newsagents. The key to a good press advertising campaign is understanding both the demographic of your customers and of the publications readership. A national mum and baby magazine may have a very la[...]

Promoting Your Business: Local Newspaper Advertising

There are so many ways of getting the word out about your business; it is difficult to know what to do for the best.  The internet has made us all aware of the options available to us and every day we are bombarded with emails asking us to sign up for this offer and that offer.  Newspaper advertising is just one way of promoting your business and can be very cost effective, especially for local tradespersons. Large multinationals also choose this method of advertising as they often have big budgets and can afford to spend thousands of pounds.  The local press, though, has undergone somewhat of[...]