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What's the Big Idea? Examples of effective billboard advertising

Mark Twain once observed, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”. One need only turn to the trusty internet to find examples of where the right advertising has made a dramatic impact on mass consumerism. In a world of technology where advertising banners adorn the web pages we frequent, there is still surprisingly a place for the impact of billboard or outdoor advertising. Indeed if anything, advances in technology have made this advertising medium of the previous century, well and truly a thing of the 21st century. Take the billboard advertising for Kill [...]

Attention! The key to successful Billboard Ads

Billboard advertising is a great way of getting your company noticed. The location and size of the billboards is the key to the success of the campaign and catching the eye of potential clients. For commuters going the same way to work every morning, whether on foot or on wheels, billboard advertising is hard to miss. If designed and located properly it can be visible from miles around without being too obtrusive. There have are many fantastic, innovative billboard advertising campaigns. Advertising in this way is very popular in the USA with huge billboards alongside the major highways and in[...]