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Media Planning and Buying: The Key to Success

Getting your promotional channels is an important part of your business. Good media planning and buying is the life blood of the success and profitability of your organisation. There are so many different ways of getting the message out it is sometimes difficult to choose which is best for you. Much will depend on your budget as to which media planning and buying options you choose. You will need to first decide on your market. Does your business operate locally, or is it a multinational company with potentially a much bigger client base. Advertising on the TV is notoriously expensive though h[...]

Finding the right Media Planning Agency

Promoting and marketing your business is fundamental to its success. Deciding on where and when to advertise can be time consuming and expensive. You may want to contact a media planning agency to help you develop a strategy. A media planning agency can add value to your company by ensuring that you focus on advertising which will bring you real sales. They can also help develop a feedback mechanism so you can track back which method of advertising helped you increase sales and also collect data about enquirers which did not actually convert to a sale. If you are thinking of hiring a media [...]

How Can Media Buying Can Affect Your Promotional Campaign?

Media buying is considered as an important process for an individual or group in communicating to its audience. Media buying affects the way an individual or entity communicates with its market. The effectiveness of a communication or promotional campaign of any entity is hinged on how the group or individual plans and manages their advertising on media. For any promotional campaign to produce the desired results, it must be effectively coursed through the relevant forms of media. Even well-conceptualized and planned promotional campaigns won't be able to communicate its message well to its[...]

The Benefits of Ambient Advertising

It is a widely held misconception that ambient advertising is a modern phenomenon when, in fact, it has been with us since the first days of advertising. Ambient advertising is, to put it simply, a method of getting a point across using other than traditional methods, and as such is an age old method of making a point. A motorist, or pedestrian, in the early part of the 20th century would have seen many examples of ambient advertising, much as we do today: we see buses covered in billboard-style messages, whereas they would have seen handcarts and horse drawn drays with company names writte[...]