Outdoor Advertising is a Growing Trend

The trend for outdoor advertising stems from the age old popularity of the billboard; this form of outdoor advertising is among the most prevalent in the advertising world, and still exerts great power and presence today. Outdoor advertising  is an important part of the marketing world and comes in a number of forms, some very common and others less so.

The billboard takes a simple form; generally at the roadside. It is simply a very large standing notice that presents an advert that is quite literally, impossible to miss. It is also a very strong method of promoting a brand, and can be used almost anywhere there is space to present one.

In less populated areas they are used as stand alone adverts; in fact, the famous “Hollywood” lettering is the remnants of a form of billboard, originally advertising a development. In cities and towns outdoor advertising makes great use of the sides of buildings to present a very viable advertising medium that draws in business today think of Times Square, New York, or such as Leicester Square in London, and many other major cities the world over.

Whether lit or standard, the billboard is probably the most prevalent form of outdoor advertising, but it is certainly not the sole version. Indeed, walk down any suburban street and you will see lampposts, bus stops, and even litter bins plus all street furniture being used to advertise products or services.

Furthermore, the scope for outdoor advertising allows the advertiser to target audiences across a very broad range of customers, and can be put to good use in other ways, too. In fact, one of the more innovative methods of outdoor advertising comes in the form of turning vehicles into moving billboards. While the standard billboard relies on people passing by it, placing a huge advertisement on the side of a bus, or other large vehicle, enables the advert to be taken around the people.

This is clearly a manner of outdoor advertising that makes its presence known to greater numbers of people than an ad in a single place, and is very cost effective and quite sensible use of free space. In fact, it is a further extension of the very expensive method of towing an advert across a specific area behind an aeroplane!

Outdoor advertising is not all on a large scale, for the simplest clapperboard menu outside a bar or restaurant is also outdoor advertising, as are shop names, window displays and the use of banners and flags.

We tend to think of the outdoors as a great expanse that remains untapped, yet the truth is the advertising has fully embraced the concept of outdoor advertising, and taken the bull by the horns. It would seem that every area, every space available, is prime target for an advert, and that nowhere is safe from the relentless march of outdoor advertising.