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Online Advertising & Internet Advertising

Over the past decade the consumption of online media has increased dramatically, becoming present in every aspect of our lives. This has led to a rise in online advertising. However, although the internet provides businesses with previously unparalleled opportunities to communicate with consumers, the sheer volume of content, as well the competition has had an adverse effect on the consumer’s ability to find relevant content. Clearly, shrewd and specifically targeted online advertising is critical in order to ensure that every ad fulfills a need. Fortunately, BuyNowMedia can help you organise your online advertising campaign to ensure that you reap the benefits of this media platform.




Print Advertising & Newspaper Advertising

Traditionally newspaper advertising was one of the best ways for everyone from small to medium sized enterprises, to multinational corporations to advertise, as it affords access to large groups of similarly minded consumers. However, even in the modern digital age there is still significant power in newspaper advertising. Knowing the readership that is likely to identify with your brand or which readership is likely to want your product is the key to choosing the correct newspaper to advertise in. This is where BuyNowMedia can help. From your brief we will help you identify the best newspaper advertising opportunities for you within your budget.



Magazine Advertising & Print Ads

Magazine advertising is much like newspaper advertising, in the sense that it allows the advertiser to target specific groups of consumers. Consequently, magazine advertising remains one of the best ways for businesses to build brand recognition and increase revenue streams. With extensive experience and expertise, BuyNowMedia can construct detailed magazine advertising campaigns to raise brand awareness. We will draw upon our knowledge of the market and readerships to purchase ad space in the magazines that will see the greatest return on investment.



Ambient Advertising & Out-Of-Home Advertising

In recent years, ambient advertising has become an increasingly popular method of marketing for companies looking to advertise their brand and products. From branded coffee cup sleeves and sandwich bags to taxi ads and bus ads, there are a diverse range of formats that can be used to maximise your brand’s exposure. Knowing your demographic and placing ads in the correct format is the key to any successful ambient advertising campaign. Knowing where to place them is where BuyNowMedia excels. Explore the main ambient advertising opportunities in the seven sections below.

Digital Screens


Digital Screen Advertising Space

As a dynamic format which is easy to control, digital signage is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional outdoor advertising. Frequently seen in busy areas such as shopping centres, bars and leisure centres, digital screens provide access to commuters, shoppers and a diverse range of consumers. However, knowing where to buy digital screen advertising is the key. This is where BuyNowMedia can help. Our experience, expertise and knowledge of the digital signage market, as well as our consumer research, will ensure your brand receives the exposure you need, maximizing the return on your investment.



TV Advertising & Commercials

Along with print, TV advertising is one the most traditional forms of advertising. It gives companies and advertisers access to a huge, diverse group of consumers. BuyNowMedia will help you reach your target audience with the right message at the right time. Detailed research of your target audience and their viewing habits is essential in order to identify and buy the most appropriate and lucrative slot on the TV schedule. We can draw upon our experience and expertise in the TV advertising market to find the best value in the market and the best time to buy. This is how we guarantee you the best rates.



Billboards, Posters & Outdoor Advertising Solutions

From billboards to traditional poster advertising and digital posters, BuyNowMedia offer a range of outdoor advertising solutions. Our media campaigns aim to raise brand awareness and maximise exposure among your consumer demographic. After you develop a brief which outlines your core objectives, we will design your billboard or poster advertising campaign. Our team conduct detailed research and will draw upon their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your outdoor advertising campaign exceeds your expectations. Explore the difficult types of outdoor advertising in the five sections below.

Mobile Services


Mobile Advertising For Smart Phones

The introduction of smart phones in the last few years has given advertisers access to a completely new group of consumers. However, this market is in a state of flux. It is constantly evolving as more and more of us surf the internet on our phones and tablets. Gaining a foothold in this market will prepare you for the future, as the competition dithers on older technologies and formats. BuyNowMedia are front runners in this media space and will ensure you have access to the latest mobile advertising technology. Be dynamic. Make the most of mobile advertising. Grasp the opportunity to develop your brand, generate brand awareness and ultimately increase revenue streams.



Radio Advertising & Commercials

Radio advertising is still a powerful form of advertising in it own right, even in the face of competition from other formats such as TV and the internet. Radio has in fact become more widely available thanks to DAB, internet access and mobile apps. Improved access to radio has in effect offered advertisers more scope to communicate with consumers. However, despite improved access, sorting premium slots from the chaff is now more essential than ever. This is where BuyNowMedia can help. Drawing upon our experience, expertise and knowledge of radio advertising, as well as detailed research of your target audience, we will develop a campaign that maximises your return on investment.


Welcome to BuyNowMedia’s Online Media Planning Service

02Now you have found your way to our online media planning service, let us find you the right media for your advertising campaign. BuyNowMedia provide media planning services to a wide range of domestic and international businesses. We aim to find and take advantage of the best media opportunities for you, helping you reach your target audience, while eliminating the long drawn out processes normally endured.

We have tried to keep our media planning service as short as possible (after all, we know you are busy people), we simply request you provide us with the information we need to source the relevant media for you from our media partners. Just click on the link below and fill out the form. It shouldn’t take any longer than 10 minutes; it might even prove to be the best 10 minutes you’ve ever spent!


01-1There are so many marketing options to choose from. How do you know which one’s right for you? BuyNowMedia takes the headache out of the decision, helping you choose the best options for your market, budget and desired outcome. Whatever marketing your business requires, we have the expertise to advise you, whether it’s out-of-home, radio, TV, ambient, online, newspaper or magazine advertising.

Based on information you provide, the BuyNowMedia planning team will not only locate the best providers and the best marketing fields for you, whether that’s press, digital media, TV, outdoor, radio or magazines, but also advise you on the type of campaign that would be best. It could be that you need to increase brand awareness with event marketing, drive sales with direct response advertising, or generate targeted traffic to your website through an online campaign. Whatever your requirements, BuyNowMedia can make it happen.

We’re confident that our experience within industries as diverse as radio, digital and outdoor advertising will enable us to deliver a campaign plan with which you will be 100% happy. Should you want to go ahead with our proposal, we will even organise everything for you, including confirming and booking the media for you. We can also help with the creative for the campaign should you need.

Submit your brief

Please fill in the six sections with enough information that will allow us to source the relevant media for you from our media partners. When ready to submit go to the submit tab and click send.

    Company name:(*)





    Contact name:(*)


    Please include a short paragraph with an overview of your company including any recent advertising history you may have done


    Core Objectives:(*)
    What are you looking to achieve with this campaign?


    Marketplace Dynamics:(*)
    Who are your main competitors in both advertising and sales terms and is there anything that may change dramatically in the competitive marketplace in the near future that may impact on your business?


    Who is your target audience?


    Planning Considerations:(*)
    Are there any issues you would like BuyNowMedia to address in our planning process? Are there any key learnings from previous activity (good or bad)? What regions of the UK are you looking to target? When do you want this campaign to run? Do you have any preferences on which media you wish to use? What is your budget?



    The Team

    Marc Boyan

    Marc Boyan began his career in hospitality & marketing, creating and selling events. He went on to work for private equity group Rotch, overseeing trading and procurement and founded corporate barter company Miroma International in 2002. Miroma International is one of the top media trading companies in Europe.

    Paul Mann

    Paul draws on combined experiences gained from a career in the City and media sales. He played a crucial role enhancing revenues by developing an expanding range of digital media opportunities.

    David Suter

    David is Managing Director of a number of Online, Marketing & Advertising companies. He is a Corporate Marketer with extensive experience in technologies and brand creativity.

    Michael Hindhaugh

    Michael set up one of the very first ISP's in the UK. After selling his business, in 2002 he engaged in leveraged media deals, being given the opportunity to invest into media programmes across Europe.


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